The Abbess

A little back tracking…

On Monday morning the women in the group went to a Nunnery – no Shakespeare jokes please! It was interesting, we met quite a few women and wandered around the buildings generally poking our noses and cameras into most everything. There was a prayer ceremony going on – I really love the sounds of the nuns even without any idea of what they are chanting. Several people were having some sort of “Tea Ceremony” – the senior nun started a new chant and the participants poured their tea – very, very slowly as long as the voices continued – about 10 minutes I think. It was quite fascinating and I am quite clueless really.


I was struck by several things: these women are seriously into pink – I get that their habits are mostly pink with a deeper pinky-red under skirt or tunic but the curtains were pink – floral, the dining hall walls were pink and of course all the laundry hanging everywhere to dry was pink! Not-withstanding major pinkness, the atmosphere was both serene and energizing. The convent is infinitely richer and considerably more “luxurious” than the one I visited in Ladakh but the intent is the same I think.


I had just about exhausted my photo opportunities and was returning to the front entrance when I met the Abbess. I kid you not but we both took one look at each other and felt an immediate connection. We sat down, commandeered Win Win to translate – such a patient man – and proceeded to connect on a level I have never experienced before. We spent the entire time holding hands and hugging. It was like finding a long lost loved one, a mentor, a guide and a best friend all wrapped up in one! I don’t know her name – really not important in the scheme of things I suppose and she is this tiny little bird of a woman – her hands were so small that she could only hold two of my fingers and she will be 80 in a couple of weeks.

People often say that this or that thing was “magical” but that half hour or so transcended any magic i have ever experienced before. I find myself frustrated without sufficient or adequate words to describe the encounter. Perhaps when I have some time for reflection….?Image


One thought on “The Abbess

  1. kim, you need her and she needed you.. Luck you you didn’t have to wait her 80 years to find you. Connection is always beyond words. Most extraordinary experiences are. They are internal and eternal. Takes think PINK to a whole new level. Hugs

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