Innlay Lake Part II

Gudrun and I have become friends, BLOG and photo buddies. Her site is if you’d like to check her out. We started connecting early in the trip before the rest of the group arrived and found we worked very well together. This is always an important consideration when photographing with a group. We all developed, over time – some of us already had it full blown – a singular focus in our desire to get “the shot” and maintaing good manners, not stepping into someone else’s frame or disrupting their focus while shooting is really important. So as I say it was terrific that Gudrun and I worked well together – our skills were about on a par, tho’ I think her eye is much better than mine. We could also depend on each other for kind and constructive criticism when the official review process could sometimes get quite brutal.


The other person who was a delight was the American woman Ley. “short for Shirley but NO ONE calls me that!” A true southern and very gracious belle with a tremendous sense of fun and an ability not to take the process too seriously. Much needed by the way and i shall be forever grateful to her!



The group spent an afternoon being ferried upriver to a relatively new discovery of thousands and thousands of stupas. Gudrun and I ended up walking a fair distance up hill to find “undiscovered vistas.” It was all rather disappointing, the light was flat, the subject matter either too complex or too one dimensional, the restorations too uninspired and so on… Then the sun started to set and the light became incredible. It was as if a celestial chorus was painting in light instead of sound. You truly live for those moments if you love photography!




some kids play with cats and dogs, some with their water buffalo....

some kids play with cats and dogs, some with their water buffalo….

Buddha's kitten

Buddha’s kitten

Perfect Light

Perfect Light

5 thoughts on “Innlay Lake Part II

  1. Kim, you are a great and very kind woman and I love you ! Really happy that we met and travelled well together. I dispute the eye part (in fact, I like your angle of Buddha’s Kitten better), and I hope we’ll have an opportunity to travel again someday. Take care

    • Gudrun,
      Well it is a mutual admiration society then because I would reciprocate the sentiment and the thoughts!
      I may have gotten the better angle on the kitten but would never even have seen it if you hadn’t pointed it out first.
      I am on the beach (!!!) in Sihanoukville for a last couple of days R&R. Seoul is -1 c. – preparation for Toronto
      Very much enjoying your stories as always

  2. Kim, just want to tell you I have been enjoying your blogs and photos very much and look forward to receive each new one.
    Sam Cass

  3. Awesome adventure Kim. I am very proud of you.
    Minus 22 here today and tons of snow but it is Feb. and it is Alberta. On a sad note, auntie Helen passed away a few weeks ago. Thought you might like to know. Big hugs and safe travels, cousin Mary Ann

  4. Mary Ann,
    I am sorry to hear Helen has passed away, please extend my condolences to Bruce and Grump if you are talking to them.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts – it has been an adventure and I am NOT looking forward to returning however briefly to the snow!

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