Preparing to Leave Toronto – Again

Back To The Golden Temple

Back To The Golden Temple

Well folks, its that time of year where I disappear from Toronto for an extended period of time.
I will miss everyone but I must say I am really happy to be hitting the road again.
This summer in Toronto has been one of major maintenance work for both my home and me. I walked into the house after travelling for the better part of 4 months and realized that after 8+ years of “energetic” living with family and furries – it was in serious need of a refurbishment and refresh. Walls, floors, furniture and re-organization – I can park my car in the garage for the first time EVER!
Me too for refurbishment – left knee replaced, major dental work and a cataract – I do consider myself a healthy person (possibly against all logic) but boy it takes a lot more time than it used to, to stay that way! I am inordinately happy I don’t have any more knees to fix – just saying….
So – back to India for the third time. I’ll be visiting friends in Delhi and attending a wedding with them in Amritsar. Sheeba is having some stunning salwar kameez made up for me for the wedding and for my birthday – I shall look very glam – I hope! Three weeks at the ashram with a German photographer buddy whom I met in Myanmar; slowing down the mind, eating vegan, doing vocal yoga and singing ragas. Then I’ll be meeting up with two Toronto friends and heading to Ranthambhore Park to photograph wildlife and finally we will fly down to Goa to spend another three weeks touring around Kerala. Some of the group will be women I met last year in Ladakh and some will be potential new friends – again from all over the world. This year we have a strong Canadian contingent but also women from Australia, France, England, South Africa and Italy. VERY COOL!
For me this itinerary is the perfect blend of luxury, spiritual centring, photography, roughing it, visiting friends and touring! No wonder it takes two months.
Oh, by the way, I’ve redesigned – with a lot of help – my BLOG. I hope you like it and I hope I can actually make it work effectively too!
The major thing I am hoping will work is the off-line editor. If it does, I will be able to compose and set up photographs, and at the point I have both internet and bandwidth – HA! – up-load to the BLOG. Which does mean you may not receive a posting for awhile and then get a bunch all at once.
So new adventures, new stories and new friends to come…..

10 thoughts on “Preparing to Leave Toronto – Again

  1. Oh ye world travelling blogger! I have a new site for you to investigate after your return to the Great White North. Possible good mix of other like minded travelers and interesting mix of luxury and adventure. Just how you like it! But stay tuned … to be discussed after your return over another fantastic bottle of wine. Have a FANTASTIC time! TB 🙂

  2. Wait… where I am in this two months journey… Ankit
    Glad to read that you’re more healthy than before, new adventures and spiritual peace awaits you..

  3. wait.. where am I in this two months journey 🙂
    glad to read about your health.. new adventures and spiritual peace awaits you!

  4. Can’t wait to meet up again, and we’ll be a fine group in beautiful Salmar Kaweez! Happy for you that the journey begins. And – you got the offline editor working – oohoo! Have to show me how that works.

  5. Sounds like another beautiful exploration of this fantastic planet. Can’t wait to see it through your eyes/lens/words. Safe journeys.

    Rob et al

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