Meditation and Musings

Early morning grace.

Early morning grace.

Despite the buzz of a circular saw and the pungent aroma of varnish, I am having a very mellow morning. The ashram is a bit of a construction site at the moment as there are a lot of preparations for the 25th anniversary in late November. I gather it will be a very big deal, and while part of me is a bit sad I won’t be here for it all, a larger part is quite pleased I won’t be – it  has been a busy enough time with all the Indian pilgrims and Belgian “yoginis”.

How many men does it take to move the world....?

How many men does it take to move the world….?

The Indian pilgrims and the  Belgian "yoginis" at the World Temple

The Indian pilgrims and the Belgian “yoginis” at the World Temple

The Indians have all been bright, chattery and very polite, the yoginis are all impossibly limber, long legged and draped in white. It has been fun, but I’m looking forward to a much smaller group after today – at least for a bit.
A lot of us are working our way through a cold thats been making the rounds. Mariellen, one of the women here says it is just our bodies getting rid of all sorts of toxins and realigning with the daily two hours of yoga. Maybe…?

Lunch time at the Ashram.

Lunch time at the Ashram.

I am feeling remarkably clear headed now however, and the yoga is getting much easier – tho’ I fear my titanium knees will never allow for the full range of movement. Take care of yours people because when they are gone – the replacement parts are never as good as the original manufacturer’s equipment!
Although there have still been sightings of the leopard, Gudrun and I walked down to the Ganga the other day. Met a few cows along the way and discovered the Gudrun is definitely a city girl! The river is low here – more of a secondary channel after this years’ monsoon – it changes constantly. I am again heartened by the thousands of little fish in the water and its clarity despite some impressive algae mats. Women were bathing children, washing clothes, cutting greenery for the cows in the distance and the men were mostly standing or lounging around as per usual. I’ll be generous and offer that perhaps they were keeping an eye out for the leopard?

Beautiful smiles

Beautiful smiles

Boys at the Ganga

Boys at the Ganga




A beautiful face.

A beautiful face.

The Ganga long after the monsoon.

The Ganga long after the monsoon.

3 thoughts on “Meditation and Musings

  1. Thank you for your musings. The sense of calm is reflected in both your writing and the beautiful photos.

    I am back in Umbria, at least my body is, and slowly I am bumping back to reality. Writing from a long queue at the PO helps the process!

    Have you gone to Premium on the WordPress site? Am unsure of the benefits.

    Look forward to catching up. XxxB

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I could so use the Ashram.. enjoy x2 please!!! All is well here kids good just getting used to black skies at 5pm..errgghhh. It looks wonderful except for the potential wild cats to worry about… be CAREFUL… maybe the cat is the test to see how calm and one with yourself you can be… Just catching up with your travels, as usual I am tech challenged..xoxoxo from the nut house on Glencairn!!!

  3. As always…the pictures are magic. Such lovely faces and moments captured by your lens. Although…..Leopards…Hmmmmmm. Don’t capture that! Keep the Varnish and the circular saw close by my friend!!!! I know you are walking now and away from the interweb. I hope you are taking time and pictures and care of you Titanium Knees!

    Much love Kim. Snow is shoveled and your home is safe. Dec. 2nd for Door stuff…heads up.


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