A “Winnie the Pooh” Day

Saint Agnese church glowing in the late afternoon.

Saint Agnese church glowing in the late afternoon.

I am astonished that three weeks have passed and I’m just now getting around to another posting. I have just been living life and not chronicling it I think. This is in no way a bad thing in my estimation.

Saint Valentine's Day transactions

Saint Valentine’s Day transactions

Superman entertaining the passersby in the P. Navona.

Superman entertaining the passersby in the P. Navona.

After days of brilliant sunshine and mild weather, we are having one of those February Roman days with lots of rain and a rather dreary, cold into your bones outlook. I just managed to get all my Saturday shopping done – Campo dei Fiori for veggies and the new cheese stall with a delightful selection (and cute guys – pictures one day); the butcher (I find it endearing in a kind of perverse way when you ask the butcher for something, he asks why you want it (?) and then proceeds to tell you that you are ordering too much or too little or heaven forbid the wrong thing); the baker (see the butcher); the florist (who doesn’t question me anymore) and so on. Another dash out to get more wine – one can never have too much really and more olive oil – same deal!

The art gallery in the Bramante Cloisters is just finishing an exhibit on M.C. Escher and the Romans are lined up around the piazza. Not my cup of tea and it certainly makes navigating home with bags very challenging, never mind dodging umbrellas, smokers and kids. But I do love watching a crowd of Italians standing around waiting for something. There is always so much animation and conversation, opinion and connection and a complete lack of disgruntled behaviour at having to stand around – sometimes for hours.

So now it is a cozy early evening, I have some sublime cello music on, a pot of masala chai to indulge in and I will shortly start building my osso bucco and polenta for dinner. I don’t know why I call it a “Winnie the Pooh” day except it evokes feelings of coziness and comfort to me….

It is Lent now but I’m not Catholic so I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about eating well. HOWEVER I have been doing a bit too much eating well lately so I should mind my “p’s and q’s”; except a girlfriend is coming to stay for a few days which means lots of dinners out and wine So perhaps I am justified in postponing austerity for a bit?

My favourite bartender - Franco.

My favourite bartender – Franco.