Of things that change and those that don’t.

I’ve sold my home. How final that sounds. I am still very much of two minds  about it all – which is a bit silly as it is definitely gone! I stood there on Friday after the movers cleared out and thought “oh dear, now this is a mistake” almost immediately followed by “I’m free, free free!’

The place started as just a house but over the years evolved into a wonderful  sheltering home. I moved in with my 15 year old son, brittle, bitter and so very fragile. I was terrified quite frankly and absolutely determined to shield him from my inadequacies.

Time passed, as it does, we grew and blossomed within that house and gradually as it became a home we became more ourselves. My inadequacies weren’t nearly as dreadful as I thought. My son mastered his schooling issues and has grown into a fine young man with a strong work ethic, living in Edmonton and with a prediliction for unfortunate looking facial hair – LOL!

I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be. I’ve discovered an artistic side I had never tapped into, an abitity to make and keep friends all over the world, a degree of compassion that frankly astonishes me and a sensuality that I never allowed to really blossom before. Of course one thing which hasn’t changed is my love of travel – which is why we come back to selling the house

My home has sheltered my son, my sister, both my parents (memorably once at the same time!) many, many furred and feathered friends and seen a lot of living. We have all laughed and cried, fought and stomped, worked and played within its sheltering walls. There have been memorable family gatherings, chicks nights,  garden parties, trashy movie nights, marathon cooking sessions and more than a few late night wine or whisky fuelled dialogues.

Looking back it seems impossible that I should want to leave it, but I’m ready – I think. I purchased a condo in the neighbourhood about a year ago and while they haven’t yet broken ground it should be soon-ish – I hope!

I’ve been feeling lately that I’m owned by my “things” and not the otherway around – there is too much maintenance for me right now. So the decision to sell and now I will be travelling for the next couple of years until my condo is ready! I am inordinately pleased with myself at the moment, as I have succeeded in packing everything I need for FIVE months of completely different requirements into two suitcases! Remember I am NOT a minimalist but I’m gonna work on it!

The first leg of my journey encompasses Italy for a girlfriend’s 60th birthday party – a villa in Umbria for a four day weekend; India for six weeks, a bit over three in Tirumangalam at a childrens charity, and the rest in Ladakh where I will connect up with my guide Tsering from 2013; then Morocco with my sweetie driving around with out much of a preplanned itinerary; and eventually walking the entire length of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela – between 800 & 1,200 km. depending on who you ask and which route you take. Also depending on how much ground I cover daily, I will have a couple of weeks at the end to do something else before flying home in November – maybe Germany to visit a friend or possibly Ireland where my great-grandmother hailed from or Scotland for the whisky!

There is such a seductive power to this kind of freedom – I know it isn’t for everyone and I know there are probably an equal number who would cheerfully murder to take my place. So I shall write and write often. Please favour me with your comments – I may be a gypsy now but I am still firmly rooted at home with friends and family. Indeed at the end of the day leaving my home wasn’t the hardest, the truely difficult part was leaving the people who are dearest to me, they are what makes a home and that I can carry in my heart always!