Leh Again!

I’m back in Leh, Ladakh briefly and we have internet – likely briefly so a quick note.This is a world of very fragile internet so I’ll make it fast – just in case – I’m striking while the iron is hot!
We had torrential rains here for the first few days which have caused an enormous amount of road damage – and wrecked havoc with my itinerary. I’m supposed to be spending a couple of days in the Nubra Valley with Aryan nomads learning about bactrian camels – the really big furry two humpers! I’m not entirely sure if I’m unhappy about that……
I have a head cold, cough and general malaise exacerbated a bit by the altitude I suspect. Anyway as we couldn’t get to our next stop we have come back to Leh, and Tsering and the hotel staff are pampering me with Ladakh remedies – I’ve had hot pepper water and ginger, lemon and honey tea. I’m now sitting in the garden with a perfectly prepared cup of masala tea; an early night and we will see what tomorrow brings – I hope this is the worst of the cold! At least the rains have stopped – its amazing how depressing it all is when the ceiling is at about 1500 ft. and you can’t see the mountains! Now however the sky is that intense blue that goes on forever with nary a cloud in sight. I actually sunburnt my right arm today on the ride back here – LOL!
The Tamil Nadu portion of the trip seems long ago now – I’ve gone from 40 c. and dusty dry to about 18 c. and very, very wet.

Still no photos – sigh!

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