St. Valentine’s Day

So its that day, the one many of us dread year after year.  Well this year I am celebrating St. Valentines Day by loving and acknowledging all the incredibly wonderful people in my life. They are family and friends, sometimes one and sometimes the other and sometimes both! 

They are the people who accept me as I am; the people who help me become a better me; the people who laugh with me, at me so my head doesn’t get too fat and sometimes for me when life seems to be losing its joy; the people who challenge and inspire me; the people who teach me; the people who get me all riled up and the ones who are a balm on my soul; the people who fire my intellectual curiosity and who cultivate my artistic ability; the people who have awoken my sensuality and my sexuality, which are not the same thing; the people I have fun with, who I can be silly with; the people who I can drink wine or whisky with late into the night and solve the worlds problems; the people who have nurtured my spiritual growth; the people who I can have adventures with and the people who have made me stretch myself in ways I would never have expected; the people who have given me courage and the ones who have taught me the value of fear; the people who have broken me so that I might choose to grow; the people who care for me and about me and the people who love me”

If it sounds like there is an awful lot of “me” in there, well I guess there is but that’s the thing about love – it circles around – I hope I have been able to be some or all these things for the loves of my life too. You know who you are….

 Love comes in all sizes, shapes and colours. Sometimes it stays for a little while and sometimes it takes up permanent residence. Sometimes it is a person, sometimes a four legged friend and sometimes it’s inanimate. Sometimes it is so hot it burns you inside out and sometimes it is a steady glow which keeps you toasty when life is storming.

My heart is full and there is always room for more. If there is a more important lesson I have learned in my life – I can’t imagine what it is.

“Love is the beginning, the end and the path in between.” Swami Brahmdev

February 14, 2017, Aurovalley Ashram

9 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day

  1. Wow! What can one add to that?! Happy Valentines Day to you too my good friend. 🌹

  2. What a beautiful acknowledgment of love, graciousness, humility and a profound sense of life.
    Besides being a photographer, you should be a published writer too. Love your blogs. Keep ’em coming. Much love and Happy Valentines day from your Aunt Sharon.

  3. Just such a beautiful post. Deep thoughts and so glad you shared them. You sound happy and at peace. A good place. We have farewelled Jona Marta and family this evening and await Becca and Ollie tomorrow evening. Being grandmother is wonderful. Love you. XxxB

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  4. Beautiful post, and you are a beautiful friend. Will always be happy about that journey to Myanmar, if only to have met you there and having you as a dear friend in my life. Have a wonderful time in the Ashram. Love Gudrun

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