Aurovalley Ashram

The day after tomorrow Sharon and I return to Delhi. We will have had two weeks of calm & cacophony! On the one hand it has been blissfully tranquil; long leisurely days of meditation, yoga, naps and good wholesome vegetarian food. We have pondered deep thoughts standing in the Ganga, cleared our minds of all the noise which is so pervasive in the world as we know it and admired all the outrageously beautiful flowers running riot everywhere. 

On the other hand we are also living in a construction site! Swamiji is putting a second story on the dining hall and enclosing our rooms so we will each have an entirely separated sitting area in front of our rooms. This has entailed cement mixers, scaffolding, drills, saws, hammers, snipers, metal filings and cement dust everywhere everywhere and shortly painters. How’s a girl supposed to have a quiet nap when there are loud whiny noises and sinuey men all over the place?