The Birds of Ranthambhore

I have an embarrassment of riches from this trip so here is a small selection of the avian wildlife at Ranthambhore.

2 thoughts on “The Birds of Ranthambhore

  1. Hello my dear Tried to “like” your Ranthambore bird photos and WordPress wouldn’t let me do so! Said I had to be registered with them. Loved them – some are outstanding. Sent a thank you to Micky and Sheeba and to my embarrassment don’t have the spelling for their kids’ names. Sure don’t want to guess! Can you let me know please. Guess you are in Delhi today. Give them my love and a big dose for you! Sharon

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  2. I’ll bet National Geographic would love to have these photos of the birds and cats. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Shar.

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