Giza Photos as promised.

The Sphinx – battered but still majestic.

Peekaboo with a slightly friendly camel.

Despite all warnings to the contrary some people will insist on climbing….

Yours truly – wearing a winter jacket, scarf and wishing for mitts!
To give you some idea of the scale of Khufu’s Pyramid – thats the guard having his lunch.

Our transportation; high to climb into and rather rickety.

It is extraordinary how desolate this place is.

On the horizon to the left you can just see bit of the Cairo skyline.

5 thoughts on “Giza Photos as promised.

  1. Incredible! Looks chilly, but the eye is warmed by the artistic beauty of the treasures before you.

  2. High transport but probably above the dust. After all that sepia, colour must come as a bit of a shock!

  3. Thank you for the pictures and for enduring the somewhat surprising (to me) cold to get them. Toronto was -38C with the wind chill on Sunday so you didn’t miss anything. I am certainly enjoying following your adventures and can see that your travels have kept you forever young. I, on the other hand, am like the Sphinx…crumbling, but always up for a vicarious bit of fun. Keep it coming, Kim!

  4. Thank you Kim, all are amazing site and beautiful pictures.
    Appreciated to see your great adventure in my own comfortable home,
    Even very very cold outside here.

  5. Beyond Spectacular. As always, your camera’s eye steals a moment in time and holds it for us to share. Makes the world accessible and beautiful all at once.

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