Some photos…

These hospitable Bedouin were life savers. Out of the wind and rain with a bit of fire and some unleavened bread.

This is 15 days after slipping on the rocks at Wadi Mousa – quite a mess!

Wadi Rum of Lawrence of Arabia Fame! Another place to return to….

Jordan on a slightly sunny day.

Sunset over the Dead Sea

7 thoughts on “Some photos…

  1. An adventure, rain or shine. A scar (on your knee?) not the best souvenir but time with the Bedouin memorable and so, a souvenir.

  2. Your knee!!! Ouch

    As always the pics are moments captured so perfectly Kim. The Bedouin people look fascinating. Fantastic to meet those who appear mythical to most. Keep safe

    Love Rob and Grace

  3. That leg looks really ugly. Hope there is no infection. Your travelling is sometimes a challenge isn’t it. However, the pics are great. Take care. Love Shar.

  4. Shoot I don’t seem to be able to download the pics and Rob was able to though! Holy smack Kim that’s one helluva gash…broad mix of holidays and culture as always a reflection that is all of you!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. How nice Kim to touch into your most recent travel adventures. Ever think of heading to South America? PERU offers wonderful varieties to be experienced. Take good care and many blessings. Yvonne

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