Odds and sods

So – no surprise the Newfoundlanders are friendly and courteous. But it is disconcerting when your 16 year old waiter addresses you as “my love” when pouring your morning coffee. So far no bathroom in any of our hotels/motels has had functional or any towel bars. Meals are enormous! I have eaten cod tongue, cod chowder, poached cod, fish (cod) & chips, pan fried cod, some shrimp, scallops, salmon and unbelievably good ribs – all accompanied by copious quantities of potato – chips, home fries, baked and mashed.

The outports are not what I expected – I’m amazed at how close to the water homes are built – I’d have thought storm surge and pack ice would be an issue but apparently not. Peoples homes are all so very neat and well cared for – I’ve only seen two FOR SALE signs to date. Whoever has the house siding contract for these parts must be making a fortune. The colours truly are as rich as you see in the postcards.

Ask a straight question of someone and you’ll get a wonky answer, joke or story first. Sometimes it takes this Torontonian an embarrassing length of time to realize that my leg is being pulled!

The folks on this trip – we are 16 – are all seasoned travellers which does make for a much smoother process. No “oh dear I-left my passport in the last hotels safe” or “oh sorry I thought check-out was (at least ) half an hour later”…. I will provide thumbnail sketches bit later.

Long day – distances are substantial of course and we were sailing this morning at Gros Morne. I’m bagged!

The east coast is supposed to be better connected so expect more updates…. No photos tho’ – sorry

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