Our first SNAFU

We are 16 travellers all together, along with our guide Marion who is German by way of Cape Breton and our driver Brendan who is a native Newfoundlander from Rocky Harbour on the west coast of the island. Marion used to be a dancer and has a certain turn of hand that is very elegant. Brendan is …square – head, shoulders, body and wears a cochlear implant. Both are patient, have a great sense of humour and an evident love of this quirky island.

Some of the group have travelled many, many times with Adventures Abroad and dozens if not more, of countries. Up until now I’d have said everyone was a seasoned traveller. Unfortunately one person – despite every warning to the contrary and innumerable discussions on the subject, isn’t travelling with their health-card OR the COVID vaccination certificates which are REQUIRED for international borders. I do feel a teensy bit bad for them – they are extremely embarrassed but really???? Fortunately they can stay in Fortune (the ferry terminal) tonight, try to get their info sent from the west coast and join us in Saint Pierre tomorrow.

We have had some adventures – yesterday I saw puffins by the thousands and had a very happy hour photographing them. We glimpsed whales off in the distance but even my big zoom couldn’t do justice. Despite all the highway warnings – “Beware Moose next 20 km.” Etc, we really haven’t seen hide nor hair.

I have to elaborate on the food for a moment again. We have had some truly excellent meals – the best fish & chips and lasagna I’ve ever had and Newfoundlanders are world class dessert makers. BUT my goodness the portions!!! Every meal – including breakfast comes with potatoes; home fries, French fries – shoe string and wedges, with or without gravy, mashed, baked and au gratin. I may never touch them again and my trousers are getting suspiciously snug!

Having said that I can’t wait to have some French wine, cheese and cuisine. Tellingly, I think its the wine that is most appealing at this point – most of the places we have stayed at so far have had wine and I’ve been pleasantly surprised once or twice but generally its “red or white?” I have developed a fondness for Iceberg Lager – a thing of joy after a long, hot and humid morning tramping around and that has undoubtedly contributed to the shrinking trousers!

Rooming with Susan has been a pleasant surprise – we are quite compatible and I think we don’t get in each other’s ways too much – other than her “alarming” tendency to break out into exercise at odd moments – LMFO! I’m sure I have some idiocies of my own…

This afternoon we are taking the ferry across to Saint Pierre Miquelon. I have to say that all the sailors aboard are awfully pretty – perhaps its a requirement of the French staff?

Today we have a free morning – YAY! This afternoon we are supposed to go out to sea for bird and whale watching tho’ at the moment it’s raining & foggy. Dinner last night was fabulous; a lovely fresh pate, butter sautéed gizzards on a bed of salad dressed with a light mustard vinaigrette. A bottle of 2015 Pomerol and blueberry tartine to finish – divine!