Thoughts of Canada

I have been trying to follow the news from home, which has been mostly limited to the Indian newspapers. It is shocking and horrifying, especially with two separate and apparently unrelated incidences so close together.
My heart is with the families and friends of the two soldiers killed. While we expect our soldiers to step in harms way while deployed, it seems particularly obscene to have it occur on home ground.
And yes I fully realize we Canadians have been blessed and naive in our relative isolation. Most of the rest of the world has never been so fortunate. I hope I can be forgiven for wanting to stay in that fortunate state. But I also wish more of the world could join us.
I am paraphrasing what a wise woman said, “I have always seen anger as strong and sadness as weak, but now sorrow seems stronger than fury. It is less likely to spread the energy of hate, an energy that must have consumed those men. By not giving into anger, then I become less like them; I can stop the cycle of hatred and violence.”
I hope that we, as strong Canadians can protect ourselves and keep the open hearts and minds for which we are known worldwide.
Shanti, shanti, shantih