The Golden Temple


Sunday evening, despite major sensory overload and an overwhelming desire to just zone out, I dragged myself off to the Golden Temple. Last year I was there in the heat of the noon day sun, which was nearly debilitating and gave a very harsh light for making photographs. This year I wanted to capture the light around sunset, but I was almost put off as everyone warned me how incredibly crowded it would be, how I should remove all my jewellery and all sorts of other cautions.

Taking Mark Twain’s words to heart about only regretting the things you didn’t do, I determined to press on. Sheeba dropped me off with stern instructions to meet her in 2 1/2 hours. To my complete delight, while it was  “busy” it was in no way crowded and other than one little man who really wanted to be in all my shots, completely relaxed.


I love the energy there and I love the people I meet, however briefly.





I had a tranquil and yet intensely focused session. I love the high which comes when you are doing good work and make those occasional great photographs. The editing is NOT my favourite activity. I vacillate between falling in love with each and every one or hating them all. And all the picky detail stuff makes me twitchy!

night scene outside the temple

night scene outside the temple